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Croisière plongeur

Dive cruise The M itsio Archipelago

6 Days, 5 Nights 10 Catamaran Dives

(Typical program adjustable depending on the weather)

Day 1

Boarding our LAGON 450 catamaran (45 feet)

Departure of the cruise, direction Mitsio, 6 hours of navigation

Anchorage in Tsarabanjina

Day 2

Arrival at the Mitsio archipelago

Morning 2 offshore dives

Afternoon 2 hours of navigation by the Basaltic Organs

Anchorage at Grande Mitsio Bay

Visit the island and its inhabitants


Morning 2 offshore dives

Landing on the island of Ankarea

Anchorage in Marimbe


Morning 2 dives

2 hours of navigation to reach Ampanisoha

Anchorage & visit to the island

Day 5

Morning 2 dives

Departure for Sakatia around 5 hours then Anchorage

Day 6

Morning 2 dives

Return and disembarkation in Nosy Be around 3 p.m.

Plongée Madagascar

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